Meet a member of our FinXL Team

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Meet a member of the FinXL Team - James Beech

Name : James Beech

Title : business Development Manager

What is your role at FinXL?

My role as a Business Development Manager is to grow and retain the FinXL footprint across key clients. This involves researching and investigating how our clients consume IT services regarding initiatives, transformations, integrations and restructures in order to discover areas we can assist with capability.

What is your background?

I was a relationship manager at a financial modelling firm for a year and then moved into finance and technology recruitment for 3.5 years. The exposure I got during my time in recruitment made technology services seem like the most logical next step which led me to FinXL.

What are your FinXL career highlights?

Only one month in so no real highlights to talk about yet, however I’ve had quite a few interesting coffee catch-ups with my target clients and managed to find a few exciting projects to work on.

What do you love about FinXL?

FinXL has a good reputation, works with some great clients and is renowned for capability, despite not being a giant bureaucratic organisation. Everyone is friendly, helpful and approachable which has made the onboarding process smooth and enjoyable.

Also it’s a nice touch that the kitchen is always full of fresh fruit and the fridge is always stocked for Friday night drinks!

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